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RSM V8 Time Trial - Thanks

Paul Anstey
Many Thanks to Csaba who as usual pushed me all the way in the RSM V8 Time Trial. I had to dig deep in the last round. I knew I had to win it to take the championship.

Thanks to Simon for creating and hosting the event.

Not sure why time trials aren't more popular. If you want to teach yourselves about car setups then time trials are the ideal way to do it.

Simon I realise you're probably going to ditch the time trial format but I really hope you don't.

How about using the Rallyworld 4 mod and run a hill climb championship. I have uncovered a number of good looking hill climbs. Problem with the Rallyworld 4 mod is it's massive so may need chopping down a bit. I can help with that if it's possible that is.

A time trial using the HistoricX or DRM mod would also be great. You might want to look at some of the South American tracks. There's a lot of tracks from that region that I've never raced on and some look pretty good. Damn am I trying to recommend mods and tracks again. Stop me please ;)

That GTPC mod (mentioned in another thread here) is stunning. A mod that seems to have gone under the radar. It's a big mod with tonnes of cars. They are difficult to drive though so may put others off. With the current HistoricX championship here and the ETCC championship at Moonshine my passion for historic racing is riding high at the moment.

Keep up the good work Simon. I really hope your efforts begin to pay off with larger grids.