Historic GT Race - GTTC-A4 Group @ Albi67

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Historic GT Race - GTTC-A4 Group @ Albi67

Paul Anstey
Hi there,

Had a chance to run through the entire field at the Albi 1967 circuit. I don't think there is a stand out car in the group like there was last time out. I ran 5 laps in each vehicle. Running default setup with the only change being to steering lock. I ran all cars with 43L of fuel.

AMC Javelin                                                 1:24.389
Chevy Camaro Z/68 1967                             1:27.428
Chevy Camaro Z/68 1968                             1:25.338
Chevy Camaro Z/68 1970                             1:24.338
Dodge Challenger 1970                                1:24.247
Ford Mustang 1969                                      1:24.770
Ford Mustang 1969 FIA spec                         1:24.840
Shelby Mustang 1967                                   1:26.650
Shelby Mustang 1968                                   1:25.677
Plymouth Barracuda                                     1:24.463
Pontiac Firebird                                            1:24.003*
Cobra 427 1965                                           1:26.459
Cobra 427 LM 1965                                      1:25.700
Cobra Daytona 1965                                    1:26.073

* fastest time

These are of course my findings. Your driving style and technique maybe different to mine so you may find different results. Just wanted to post these for those people that may not have the time to sort out which car to choose. There are definitely slow cars in the bunch but I think there are a good grouping of similar paced cars not to turn this into a one make series.

The cars I found easiest to drive on the default settings were AMC Javelin, & Pontiac Firebird which tie in with the fast times. The most difficult cars to drive were any of the Cobra's. Those things don't know what straight is for.

The key to driving these cars well and fast is to allow them to drift through the corners. Point them into the corner sooner than you think you can as they'll never make the apex otherwise.

If I get time I'll post some setups here on the website. Think there's an area in the archive section for them now. I'm not brilliant at setups but I have certainly learnt a lot over the past few years. Doing time trials helped me a lot in learning what each setting could do. However it is still a black art and what works for me might not work for. I hope that my setups will at the very least be an improvement on the sometimes woefully bad default settings.

I also want to attract more driver into the series here at BMSR so if you need any help at all with anything just let us know. You can always chat online, Facebook, and here on the forum.  I'm always happy to share setups with anyone just as long as you don't beat me that is (just joking) ;).

One of my top tips as always is practice, practice, practice.

Have fun and hope to see you Monday evening.

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Re: Historic GT Race - GTTC-A4 Group @ Albi67

Simon Swarbrick
Nice thread, cheers Paul...
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Re: Historic GT Race - GTTC-A4 Group @ Albi67

Steve Settanta
Thanks for the race Simon.

Unfortunately I joined the server only yesterday evening and I discovered that the race was played with the Muscle Cars. I have short  experience of them and after two laps I have demolished the engine with two great bangs against the wall.

I will prepare better the next race. :)